Growth Hormone Guide

Who Needs Human Growth Hormone?


Human growth hormones are proteins secreted by pituitary glands to stimulate growth and cell reproduction. Human growth hormones promotes cell regeneration, supports the immune system to fight diseases and infections and tissue repair. Initially human growth hormone was extracted from pituitary glands of adults and given to the children that are deficient. Today, hgh is produced synthetically. Children and adults that are deficient of hgh can be prescribed with the synthetic ones by a doctor.

The synthetic hgh is a large protein molecule that must be injected in to the muscles so that it gets to the blood system. Some little pain is felt as the insulin syringe is injected in to the body. The synthetic hgh has minimal side effects to body of humans. With children, they may begin to grow faster, have increased strength, increased motor development and reduced body fat tissue. As far as children are given the correct dosage of hgh, the are lower risks of side effects. The hormone brings increased quality of life.


For those that have a serious deficiency of hgh, lifelong continuation of the hgh is recommended. This is a treatment that is monitored by a paedeatric endocrinologists. The treatment is usually monitored for 3- 4 months. Once the physical benefits are seen as a result of the hormone, children together with their families become enthusiastic. In the developed countries it is very common for children to be administered with synthetic high. Learn more about human growth hormone at


Even as you administer your child with synthetic hgh, remember that besides the deficiency of hgh, there are many conditions that can cause poor growth in children. That is why hgh therapy has shown short-term growth. Long term gains in height are poor when deficiency of hgh is the cause of the shortness in the child. Know about this hgh md research here!

Hgh starts to limit production as people age. That is why many elderly people have physical problems. If hgh is produced at the same rate of a human being, then people would not age. Many people use the hgh injections to get full benefits of growth. Buying hgh injections can be expensive. That is why some people turn to natural supplements of hgh. If you suspect that your elderly person or your child is deficient of the hgh, have them first tested. Then make a plan of how you will get the hgh injections. Get the buying hgh advice to ensure that you are using the right thing. Learn about buying hgh injections here!